Q: Can I get a quote for a job I need done at my house/apartment /block of units?

A: Yes we can do a quote on residential or commercial properties, a once off job or organise a maintenance schedule tailored to your needs.

Q:I live in an apartment block you service, I have an issues/item that needs fixing how do I get repairs done?

A:Contact your real estate agent, body corps or manager via email with a dated letter containing



 3*urgency & concerns over the item/issue.

Note:This attached together with “photographs” will guarantee the fastest most thorough response and is the professional way work orders make it quickly to maintenance personnel to then be actioned.

Q:I see work being done in my complex, contractor’s machinery and vehicles are blocking access how can I fix this?

A:Speak to the contractor about there estimated completion times & if there is ways of clearing the access areas at certain busy times, do note: Contractors quotes often have terms that state works are to be finalised on said date “weather permitting”.

Q: My maintenance contractor is doing noisy works on an unusual day/time?

A: Due to extreme weather/storms or delays a contractor may from time to time need to address issues at different hours or days, speak to your contractor, usually the reason is to catch-up on works to stay on schedule for the following week but they may be able to suspend works if it becomes disruptive at that time.

Q:Why does my property need a professional maintenance provider for mowing ,trimming & blowing?


A: A standard property service includes 1 to 3 steps(Mowing,trimming ,blowing), these 3 jobs are best completed by a professional that knows the importance of each task any why it needs doing and the proper commercial equipment for each task.

For a general guide, we will go through these 3 steps below & what they offer for enhancing the value and athletics of your property.


1*Regular Mowing:Improves soil, reduces weeds, acts as a vacuum picking up odd rubbish & unwanted items that blow onto lawn. A well cared for lawn provides clean soft entertaining areas and enhances the look & pride of the property.


2*Trimming & edging:Stops plants escaping onto areas and causing structural damage. Keeps the property looking neat & tidy. Forms a safe outline for mowing. Evens out plants so that they grow at a predictable rate compared to the lawn.


3*Blowing & raking:Removed cut grass & especially seeds from concrete and pathway areas. Reduces weeds & the need for excessive herbicide. Completes the final step to remove green waste /rubbish & visually clear all common areas to ensure the property is presentable.